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• Madame George is committed to providing superior quality garment care at reasonable prices usually in the same day.
• We provide free consultation and advice on all aspects of garment and fabric care, wear and performance.
• We use the most modern drycleaning equipment with computer controlled programmes which recognise the requirements of delicate and sensitive fabrics.
• Garments received for cleaning are inspected three times, before cleaning, after cleaning with a final quality inspection after pressing.

Customers are welcome to view the cleaning facilities, to have the drycleaning process explained and the ‘mystery’ removed.

• Madame George welcomes customer’s comments and criticisms regarding our services, such feedback will aid our continuing search for improvement.
• Madame George attends to all customers fairly and deals with all issues with scrupulous integrity. Items left in clothing pockets are returned with the garments.
• Madame George does not charge extra for retexturing, hand finish, removing bobbles, sewing a button, or for silks, linens or other luxury items.