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• Drycleaning is the treatment of garments and fabrics utilising organic solvents to dissolve and remove stains and soiling.
• Little or no water is used, garments enter and emerge the total immersion process dry.
• Drycleaning easily dissolves oil, fat, grease, wax and gum, other stains are ejected in an operation called ‘spotting’.
• The finishing sequence includes steaming, pressing, ironing and re-shaping of the garment as appropriate.
• Unlike washing machines, nothing is passed to drains or to atmosphere with modern equipment. Solvents are purified and recovered through distillation.
• Drycleaning prolongs the life of garments by removing grit, grease and insect larvae which can damage fabrics over time.
• Regular good quality drycleaning keeps garments looking smarter for longer.
• It costs no more to dryclean a silk, linen or cashmere garment than a cotton, viscose or wool item of similar structure.