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• After wear, hang clothing overnight in an airy place (doorways, windows), before putting away. This will allow creases to relax and prevent odour build-up in wardrobes and drawers.
• Avoid garment contact with solutions containing alcohol (aftershave, perfume), as these can cause colour-loss.
• When dressing, allow time for deodorants and antiperspirants to dry first.
• Protect garments from prolonged exposure to direct sunlight as this can result in shading.

• Stains should be treated and removed as early as possible (days rather than weeks) after occurrence. Older stains set.

• Do not iron garments with stains. Heat can set stains.
• If treating stains at home, try blotting with a clean white cloth rather than rubbing which can damage the surface, spread the stain, and remove colour.
• If taking to the drycleaner, point out the stains and give as much information as you have. This can help in getting the stain ejected at first attempt.
• With suits (and other matching sets), it is advisable in the case of dark colours and essential with medium and light colours, to have all pieces cleaned together.